Excerpts from the Memorial Service Comments Book

---He was a gentleman and a scholar

---A wonderful young man we loved dearly and will miss dearly

---It's amazing, life. Love it and live it. I'll miss Ben and what he gave
to this town and the class of 98. Best chess palyer I've known.

---Always a genuine smile, a heart felt hug. Thank you.

---Ben--thank you. You'd shit if you saw how many people are here. Later
days, buddy.

---Always smiling, never forgotten.

---Loyal, loveable, special...perfection.

---Even as a youngster, so much heart and soul. We'll miss you , Ben.

---The world is a little emptier without Ben. His love and joy remain in us
who knew him.

---Ben was one of the best people I ever knew. I looked up to him a lot.

---Ben gives meaning to the concept of a true mensch.

---So much fun, so short a time, in God's hands, always.

---He was one of a great kind.

---A joy to know.

---A friend who made you a better person.

---You will never be forgotten.

---I feel like I've lost one of my family members. We loved you, Ben.

---He snuck me into the nuclear reactor once; it was great!

---Forever in my memories; a smile, love for friends, and happy times.

---I've never known two brothers who I fell in love with quicker. It
saddens me to think I can never witness another conversation between two
people who were each other's worlds. So much respect for both of you . And
I love you all so much.

---We feel privileged to have been able to share a few pieces of Ben's life.
He will live on in everyone's memory and may have been a catalyst for more
good than we can conceptualize. Can hardly wait to hear his heaven

---Good night, sweet prince.

---Ben is an inspiration.

---There are some people that come into this world just to live and then
there are those that are here to inspire. Thank you Ben, for the

---I'll miss you buddy.

---Never fade.

---Never met a man with his kind of spirit.

---Some people come into our lives and quickly go. Some stay and leave
footprints on our hearts and we are never the same. Thanks for sharing Ben
with me.

---Ben's greatest journey has just begun. I'm so happy fo him. I sorrow
for Dylan and his parents, Bob and Michele. Ben was an inspiration for me
and I am proud to have known him.

---The only reason I passed my 3rd chem class.

---You most likely have all of heaven laughing with your "Eder Ways."

---What a sweet, fun spirit.

---I never heard him say an unkind word about anyone.

---You were the best, Ben. It's rare to have met such a warm, affable and
generous soul as yourself. I'll miss you very much.

---I had amazing realizations in the presence of Ben.

---What a time Ben had while he was here!

---Ben, a TEAM member. We will always love him.

---First grade--senior in college. God, we will all miss him.

---Simply the best.

---To life! Ben, he was a grand chap!

---Thank you for giving me the chance to be blessed with your family.

---True, genuine quality is left to us...and lives on forever.

---Our journey continues. Ben comes along--ever present.

---Eternal optimist! Thanks, Ben !


---Ben, you were always part of everything.

---A twinkle in his eye--strength with tenderness--the perfect combo---

---Ben lit up our home and our lives.

---Our greatest blessings are never with us long enough.

---I don't know how to begin.

---Ben was a true gentleman.

---We appreciate his being a big brother to Leah.

---Joy to have in the classroom.

---He was a God among men. It feels as though one day we'll all wake up and
he'll be there unchanged by time.

--Our August party friend. He added a happy magic and we all enjoyed him.

---He enriched all the lives he touched--and still does. Feel the love!