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The following are essays, letters, and documents written by Ben, or those

remembering him. We have organized them into several categories - if you have

anything to contribue, please contact us. We would especially enjoy stories about

Ben, or words that you know he enjoyed.

Ben's Writing


Ben's 7th grade resume
A list of Goals
Autobiographical Statement
Ben's Self-Authored Obituary
Joseph Conrad (High School AP Comm)
COSA Scholarship Essay
The Popular Use of Credit
Diversity (College Admission Essay)
The Discovery of DNA (U of O Scholarship Essay)
Habitat for Humanity (OSSC Essay)
Johns Hopkins Essay (Creative Essay)
Diversity Essay for Pomona College
Reed Essay 1
Reed Essay 2
Reed Personal Statement
The Why Reed Essay
High School Regrets
Sally's Rock
U of O Essay
The Role of the US government in homogenizing Moral Beliefs

Letters, Fliers, and a Simpsons Script

A Note on Cheaper Education and Harvard
A Letter to the Old Bastards Club
Letters to Leah
Notes from Ben, 2001 (January, 2001)
Notes on Carnival

A Letter From Ben, Announcing Party
Misc. Emails from Ben
Correspondence from Eugene (Fall, 2001)
Letter to the Brazilian Consulate
The "Hardest Working Student" Scholarship
Letter regarding "Kalashnikov Day"
Letter to Uncle Dave and Aunt Ima
Letter to Portland Community College
"Siberian Nights Dance" Flier
A Letter to Traffic Court
A Simpsons Script

Remembering Ben

A Celebration of Ben's Life: December 21, 2001
Excerpts from Community Memorial Service (Dec. 15, 2001)
Words by Alan Eder, Ben's uncle
Messages left in the Reed Chapel Memorial Guest Book
The Coast Hill Classic
Messages Left at Ben's Celebration of Life

Stories and Thoughts from Friends and Family:

A letter from Lauren

An Email to Ben, After His Passing
A Second Email
A Third Email

A letter from a traveling companion
A second letter from a traveling companion

Assorted Memories of Ben
Letter from West
Letter from Joha

A Memory from Bolivia
Memories from Hannah and Nancy
Memories from Erica
Memories from Kelly
Memory from Al Fitzpatrick

Letter from Cindy
Letter from Jeannine
Letter from Jeff
Letter from Dennis Galvan
Letter from John Harrington

Musical Message from Steve Ganz

More Memories of Ben

Poems to Ben

Newspaper Articles/Obituaries

Ben's Obituary
University of Oregon Article
Final Seafood Column

Did You Know?

Do you know this about Ben?

The Ben Eder Coast Hills Classic - May 18, 2003

Coast Hills Classic


Trees of Reed (Ben's trees are planted behind Bragdon Hall)