Dear Brazilian Consulate General,

Enclosed is my United States Passport # for Benjamin Alan Eder. It is intended to be added to my application for a Brazilian visa which you received this Monday the 20th of December. I was notified this morning by an employee of your office that my visa application was lacking this most important item. I mistakenly sent a photocopy of my passport rather than the real one which I wouldn’t have guessed necessary to send via the mail. As was mentioned in a letter with my previous application, it is very important that this visa be processed as quickly as you can. I realize that our incompetence with make this task even more difficult but I hope everything will work out well and we can still get everything completed and in-hand by the 27th. My friend and traveling companion John Young-Taft also made the same error and will be sending his passport about the same time as mine. Please send both completed visas in the return envelope to my address: Ben Eder, P.O. Box 721, Newport, OR 97365, Thank you very much for your time and have a wonderful holiday.


Benjamin Alan Eder