Fall 2001 Correspondence From Eugene

Tue, Oct 30, 2001

Re: Dad/Bob received a nice book

I confess, it looked like something he would be into and you know I'm a
strong supporter of such items. The wonderful presence of Phoebe had me
in a generous mood last week which is currently being pushed aside by
renewed feelings of academic based stress. Sounds like you had a nice
weekend which is great, and I'm also glad to hear about the Nesika
situation. I must get back to pondering residue interaction based
conformation issues with Ribonuclease and Lysozyme, but I wish you a
good day and thanks for the locks article. -Ben

Fri, Oct 19, 2001

Re: a great weekend

Hey mom, just wanted to touch base and thank you for all the checks, it
sure is nice to get paid after being away from the work for so long and
forgetting what had to happen for those fish to cross the dock. On the
topic I received some stuff for the Nesika account at my address here, I
asked US Bank to switch my address to lessen the burdens of a mail
forwarding center you incure and I appreciate very much, but was not
thinking of the Nesika account, if you want me to send it to you guys
just say so, and I will try to get them sent to Newport in the future.
I had a pretty brutal week over here, with great forsight I spent the
weekend studing and recoving from illness, but I still had to break my
5-hour minimum sleep rule with two midterms on Wednesday followed my an
essay due today and just as my head was coming out of the water this
morning a biochemistry problem set pushed me back under until tomorrow.
I wrote a pretty decent essay and sent the Calculus and Economics
midterms home crying but fear my Biochemistry midterm on Wednesday,
especially in light of the very exciting fact that Phoebe will be flying
into PDX tomorrow night and will be with me for the next nine days! I
think we might stay at the Mallory Friday night for old times sake.
Anyway I am doing well, and am happy even if all I do is study
hunched over at this desk with the light aunt Mary gave me illuminating
some expressed form of rational pursuit, as I labor toward abstract ends
that few in this institution share, my hands and arms becoming softer by
the day and my skin the color of an Oregonian. Your wonderful parents
sent me a sweet care package last week, even if it did include spray
cheese. How are you? How is the book? How is dad? I hope all is
well, take care, and learn, learn, learn. Love -Ben