Ben Eder
COSA Scholarship

Type a one page, double spaced statement telling briefly about yourself, your family and discuss you personal goals such as career and future plans.

I am the oldest son of two and am the child of Bob and Michele Eder. I have a strong desire to learn and sincerely enjoy school and being educated. I am involved in many leadership and community service activities that I have decided to dedicate time and energy into. This energy is abundant and I consider myself a highly motivated individual in almost every situation.
My parents are both self employed and own two commercial fishing vessels that my dad operates and for whom I am presently employed. I have seen the amount of freedom and responsibility that they have and desire the same for myself someday. The harder they work, the better they do, and they answer only to themselves.
If all goes according to plan I will someday own a Industrial Consulting firm specializing in Chemical Engineering which will be my major in graduate school. Before that I will major in Chemistry to get the scientific base necessary for my engineering degree, yet not focusing too narrowly in my first years of school as to maintain a healthy perspective. I also plan to minor or possibly double major in Psychology, a topic that fascinates me. I am entertained by the behavior and reasons behind the behaviors of mankind. Studying this will also help in developing communication skills needed in the consulting industry.
With my educational background and the necessary motivation I too will someday own and operate my own successful business and lead a lifestyle that is rewarding and independent.