Letter from Dennis Galvan

Dear Eder Family:

Ben was a student of mine in the fall of 2001 at the University of
Oregon, in a course on international development. I have been
meaning to send you a few words ever since I read the news of his
tragic passing in the Register Guard about a year ago. My apologies
for taking so long to send my condolences: I have thought of Ben on a
number of occasions in the intervening months. He left his mark even
in relatively brief acquaintances.

I was very impressed with Ben -- his energy, intellect, wit, as well
as a kind of serene maturity when he talked about the class, his
curiosities about the world, his goals, how he saw himself realizing
his goals and fitting in to the wider world. I may have spoken with
him 2 or 3 times in office hours -- about the International Studies
Program [a prospective major of his, I think], about traveling, about
Reed, about working at sea. I remember thinking at the time how much
Ben had command of his life and his choices, the waythis gave him a
richness of character, how I hoped I would see him in other classes I
would teach in the future.

I have my own son named Ben, who is now six years old. I could not
help, when meeting your Ben, thinking to myself how proud I would be
if my own son were to grow up to be a young man like this, like
Benjamin Eder. He struck me as a young man of unusual strength and
grace; he is missed here at the University of Oregon.

It's nice to see that two scholarship funds have been founded in
Ben's memory. If there is anything I can do to help promote these
funds at the University of Oregon, please do let me know.

Very best wishes to you and your family,

Dennis Galvan