Do You Know?

Ben's birthday is March 22nd.

In the Spring of 1998, at the Newport High School Talent Show, Ben and
Peter performed on stage the solution to the following chemistry

A chemist has a flask containing 25 ml of .100 molar lactic acid. He
wishes to titrate it with .100 molar NaOH. If the NaOH flows out of the
burette at .977 ml/sec, at three seconds , what will be the rate of
change in the solution's pH, given that the pka for the lactic acid is

Ben had his Advanced Open Ocean Scuba Dive certificate. He took
courses at Reed College from Kim Johns.

In 5th grade, Ben won second place in the individual chess competition
at the State of Oregon Scholastic Chess Foundation Tournament. He
captained his team to a fourth place finish.

Against all wishes of her family, Ben was able to slip a 93 year old grandmother at a Reed
graduation party enough single malt scotches to make it "the funnest day she'd had in years."

At the library at Reed College, in the Main Reserve, Ben created a
Chemistry file containing a tank top from Brazil, emblazoned with the
words "No Stress." Fellow students, when in need of an attitude change,
regularly checked out, wore, and returned the shirt.

Ben was a sculptor. His medium was metal, his tool a welder. He had
made pieces for Phoebe, and, the day before he died, was at the shop
working on a menorah for his father.