Email to Ben, after his passing...

Hey Ben,

I know you will never read this but I have to write it anyway. Whenever I pass by your email address in my list, I realize that I will have to delete it at some point. Before I do this, I want you to know how much you mean to me.

Knowing the sea took you, I have not walked on the beach or been able to look at the surf until today. I guess it is time for me to say my goodbye. You are such a special and loved person. Incredible, really. It seems that you had -- even at your young age -- made everything and every relationship in your life right. Your last email to me said so. Your had already found what most of us spend our lives seeking. Peace with all around us and with ourselves. Did you know something, Ben? I feel terribly sad and also cheated, but ever so grateful that our lives were tangent even if only briefly.

Love you, Ben.