Another Email to Ben

Well my friend it had to happen. I feel like if I email you, it will
somehow reach you. I just wanted to say that the last few months that I
knew you were great. Biochem was a lot funner and more interesting
having a person like you to study with. Now what? I dont have a study
buddy anymore, It really bums me. I went to your memorial service.
Guess what? I cried. I cried because you touched so many peoples
hearts and made so many people feel good. You were a very generous
person,unselfish, kind with a warm heart. Whenever I feel down though,
I think of that shirt you wore "NO STRESS" I am glad that you were
reading that islam book, it made me know that you were interested. Well
man, I really don't know what to say anymore, this is a pretty choppy
email but I thought I would write down my thoughts. You were a great
friend for the time I knew you. Over the break I thought, damn, that ben
and I are gonna be really good friends by the time this school year is
over. I still see us as friends and that will never change man.
forever. I will see you up there some time, but I still have some time
here to go man. Who knows, if your mailbox isn't down, maybe I'll email
you some time again.

Take it easy and I'll see you,