Memory from Al Fitzpatrick

Ben always seemed in a good mood, and smiled and greeted both students and staff. He was friendly to everyone and I enjoyed talking to him on many occasions.

One humorous incident I remember was a dance sponsored by Honor Society. Ben and his friends decided to have a Russian theme for their dance. We have never had an event like this before or after their dance. Decorations included a missile assembled from wrestling mats. There were models of spaceships from Russia throughout the years. Ben and friends were dressed in Russian type clothing including knit gloves and hats, jackets and other items associated with a cold climate. They set up photographs with an instant camera and took pictures of guests in their winter clothing with a Russian type backdrop. Music included Back in the USSR by the Beatles. Ben and the group brought in reading material of Russian authors. You had to laugh, and the staff, including myself laughed at the theme and the decorations. Ben and crew wore special T-shirts with Russian themes. Our students and especially the foreign exchange students were surprised at the theme and had to laugh as well.

--Al Fitzpatrick