Siberian Nights Dance
(Brought to you by National Honor Society, Junior Optimists, and French Club)

Russian Themed Dance Honoring:
Mikhail Kalashnikov
and the beauty of Russian culture

Date: Friday, after the basketball game, approximately 9:00 p.m. in the MP room

Price: $4.00
$3.00 if dressed Russian
(heavy winter clothes, lots of red, and wool, we will be liberal)

Special Features:
• Free Food and Drink for all attending.
• If dressed Russian during school day Red Vines will be rewarded
• Gen. Alexander Leped look-alike contest, prizes awarded.
• Ben “rubberband” Gaffin will be DJ, will process requests.
• Reading room, with related reading material available.
• Mikhail Gorbachev may make a guest appearance, pending administrative approval.
• Polaroid Russian themed pictures for $2.00 each.
• Spending and decorating time will rival Prom and other “formal” dances.
Come join your Comrades at the cultural, and social pinnacle of the year!

The KGB reserves the right to investigate all persons not attending