Dear Uncle Dave and Aunt Irma,

Please excuse the impersonal nature of a type written letter but let me assure it is for your own good. My handwriting is quite horrible and my spelling embarrassing. I wanted to thank you for your generous monetary contribution. It is especially nice in the specter of my potential college tuition. I’ve saved most of what I have earned in the past few years but some schools are outright intimidating. I’ve applied to a number of schools including Pomona College in Claremont California. Carleton College, Bucknell University, Johns Hopkins University, Washington University in Saint Louis, Reed College, University of Oregon (UofO), and the Oregon State University (OSU) also have or will receive an application from me. UofO and OSU have both accepted me to their honors colleges and have offered me full scholarships. This is encouraging but these are the least desirable of the schools listed.

I had an enjoyable Hanukkah and Christmas in upstate New York with my mom’s family. I hope you guys are doing well. Give my regards to everyone down there. I think we’ll be coming to visit for Passover. Bye.

Ben Eder