Letter from Jeannine

Which special thing do I write about him when everything was special? Do I mention his kindness toward everyone, his gentle manner, the undivided attention he gave me when I spoke to him as a nine year old or later in early adulthood? Do I bring up the sense of humor he had and how he always knew when to sneak in a comment or two to add levity to any situation? Ho w about his curiosity and the questions he would ask about life, his role in it, or our role, when you could only answer , “I don’t know.”

I try to make sense of his premature passing but I can’t. I just don’t get it. The only thing I can think of is that God needed him. He had a good soul. I loved him.

He was such an adorable boy. I am richer for having known him, and I thank you for entrusting him to me during his fourth grade year. I will miss him greatly.

Jeannine Leslie--