A Letter from John Harrington

I used to make a very big deal out not letting students find out where I live—for privacy’s sake, I guess. One day I came home to find Ben, Peter and Daimeon sprawled out on my living room floor. They had called and talked my younger son into giving them directions.

“Hi, Mr. Harrington! They chimed, with a note of triumph. They brought me a signed blown-up photograph of themselves sitting on the famous (infamous?) blue Volvo wagon.

The picture had been taken during a road trip, inspired by Jack Kerouac’s book On the Road, the last thing we read in school their senior year. Duct taped to the windshield was a copy of the famous (infamous?) novel. The photograph was framed and mounted on a piece of board, and next to it was the very book, duct tape and all.

I was so touched. It has hung above my classroom desk ever since. It is now more dear to me than ever.

John Harrington