Think way back to the far off land of Reed and days when a guy named
Ben would stagger out of the library and harass you in the lobby or make
inspired visits with Hung to your room at the pleasure of your roomate.
A couple days ago when I woke on the beach in Manuel Antonio on the
Pacific coast of Costa Rica, took the required sunrise bath in the surf
and layed in my hammock enjoying the spectacular beauty of jungle
merging with beach, beach with sea and sea with dramatic offshore rocks
and islands, as my cook Peter prepared our breakfast to rival any a
person might buy on my nifty camp stove that works with any flammable
liquid, my brain congured up thoughs from a quite different scene of
Reed, the question of my return and I thought about you for a while,
thought I'd write to say hi and see how life was treating you.

Take care, learn, learn, learn and god bless the queen. -Ben

how and where are you?

I am about to depart on an epic trip to South America, I've just done a
couple week of commercial fishing for dunguness crab and with the few
days remaining I am preparing to depart. People ask my why I'm going
and I don't know how to answer them, it is a very complicated answer. I
want to communicate to you many things now that I cannot do in one sided
monolouge. Today I appear more mature and adult like than I did one
year ago, I am no more capable and only marginaly more educated but the
difference has something to do with a loss. It is not a loss of
inspiration or even hope, put I think one of purpose and ambition. When
I turned 20 on the beaches of Baja with a corona in my hand and
countless thoughts in my head the era of undirected ambition and
motivation took a mysterious blow. As you feel it necessary get some
letters in front and back of your name for legitamacy I feel some
parallel things. I am a big fan of options and inaction on my fronts at
this juncture in life weakens many of these praised options. I am
speaking on all fronts, not just educationaly, proffessionaly, or
personaly. I have full faith in my ability to do whatever I desire, but
am profoundly confused as to what that is. I find contridiction in
almost any path and am finding it difficult to make decisions without

a while back on the island of Trinidad where Peter and I were visiting
Ethan where his is "working" on a ridiculously nice sailboat I felt as
though I could really relate to the insanity of the British as I'm sure
you're currently coping. They drive on the wrong side of the road.
They all do though so it sort of works, but the situation is exacerbated
in Trinidad where the police cannot afford breathalysers or radar, so
both drunk driving and speeding are functionally legal. If you haven't
experience the thrill of driving on the wrong side of the road yourself
I strongly recommend it, it may be difficult it obtain permission as I
had to result to stealing/borrowing a rental car from this french girl
Ethan knew. The three of us had an absolutely brilliant time for the
week I stayed, learning the local dance the whine, cooking fish on the
beach for peters 21st birthday after crossing the northern mountain
range and smoking copious amounts of this plant that seems to grow in
abundance on the island and is dispensed by Rastafarian which make up
about 45% of the total population, exploring off shore islands and an
abandoned leper colony with a 8-foot dinghy, all the while giggling like
12 year old girls and eating exsisit meals prepared by my former
personal chief Peter, who decided to stay in Trinidad and get a job on a
sailboat going north. I didn't sleep for a long time and a few days
later found myself in Manaus, Brazil where I got on a boat for a week
with a hammock space and floated down the Amazon, starring at
surrounding jungle, avoiding fights with big drunk police officers,
attempting to expand my Portugese vocabulary, and defeating the French
in chess in a vain attempt to demonstrate not all Americans are fools.
I've been here in Belem for a few days undergoing a self directed
intensive culinary tour of Brazilian sea food before I head to Olinda
for Carnival in the next couple of days after I get this magic piece of
plastic in the mail that I can use to exchange for goods and services,
and generally improve my standard of living.