Notes From Ben

I have emerged from the jungle, followed the Amazon to the coast put my
ear to the ground here in Belém and can clearly hear the drums of
Carnival in Olinda just a west coast or so away. Brazil is still
awesome and I still can t speak Portugeese. I think of you often here.
Give my love to Reed and read 100 pages for me tonight. Peter, Ethan
and I, poured out the last of our Rum for you in a Church at an
abandoned Lepour colony, on the island of Chagachcia (Peter calls it
lepour island) off the coast of Trinidad a couple weeks ago. After a
lot of thinking floating down the river staring at the surrounding
jungle I m thinking I might go back to the UofO or some other larger
cheaper institution of higher learning and triple major in Biochemistry,
history, and economics, with a bunch of cool minors and mastery of a
couple languages. I might need to rage some Harvard summer school with
you next summer. Plans are always dynamic and tentative but this is my
current thinking.

Take care, peace, pura vida, and learn, learn, learn.