Friday August 18, 2000
Sylvania Appeals (SY CC 225)
Portland Community College
P.O. Box 19000
Portland, OR 97280-0990

To whom it may concern,

I enjoyed and found valuable most of the class time and instructors at Portland Community College. I have not qualms with paying for “Stocks Begin with only $2000” CRN# 30540, enclosed is $24 for that tuition, my other class CRN# 32120 “Web Page Creation” had some issues that prevent me from paying for that experience in full. The overbooked class did not have adequate facilities for all those involved and the book store did a poor job of providing the somewhat specialized textbook to all in need. Not only did they not have enough initially after order one for me they sold it to somebody else and after ordering another they changed their hours to be so restrictive I would have to miss work just to pick up a textbook. The class became very difficult without the primary textbook which we did not start using until many weeks into the course, well past the deadline for withdrawal. The colleges effort to accommodate individuals with jobs is what attracted me in the first place and I have found it anything but that. I did go to class for several weeks and think some payment fair, I have thus enclosed $76 dollars for this class, combined with the other tuition brings my payment to $100. I’m sorry about the tardiness of my letter as I have been at sea working as a commercial fisherman since shortly after this incident and have not had the means to communicate in this fashion. Thank you very much for your time and consideration.


Ben Eder