Ben Eder

Essay question #1-What are the social responsibilities of an educated person?

Everyone in our society has an equal responsibility to contribute to their community. This basic responsibility of good citizenship does not vary depending on education. While a person with more education does not have more responsibilities than anyone else, they are better equipped to serve the community in which they live. We all should fully utilize our abilities, and for the educated person this may mean more than for the uneducated person.

A person who is educated has learned how to solve problems and make decisions. These qualities can be very beneficial to the community if the people who possesses them are involved and active. An educated person who has special skills can make the best use of them through community or professional involvement. Those who are skilled organizers should help with the administration of the community; individuals skilled in the sciences should put these skills to work improving life and health through technology, and those who are educated in the art of warfare are obliged to defend their civilization.

Educated people tend to exhibit greater tolerance and understanding than ignorant individuals. This open-mindedness leads to a more complete perspective on things. This perspective should be used to guide the society in which these people live. These perceptive qualities should also be employed to keep a check on our government. The educated person is responsible for questioning authority in a responsible manner.

The more education one has the better perspective they have of global and local problems. Being educated they should be aware of more problems, and being aware, they should act. Any person can work toward what they believe is right, and against what they believe is wrong. An educated person will most likely have well formed and thought out opinions on which to act. This action does not necessarily have to be political. Action can take many forms. The important thing is that the person is operative and does not passively sit by and critique others who are attempting to do what is right.